Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oz Rally: You are in the Europe Union!!!!

Ok, so nothing major happened today worthy of photos, but something really funny did happened. When we arrived at the Macedonia border we were not only asked for 50 EU, to buy the 'compulsory insurance' but now they are asking ME! to buy health insurance as well, 10 more Euros. We are only transiting through Macedonia and will only be in the country for 3 or 4 hours.

So, I get out of the car with Pedro's paperwork and tell customs we are not paying for the insurance because we already had it. -and, we do! If you drive in the EU countries, you only need to buy one policy. Well, I REALLY did think that Macedonia was part of the EU since there are EU signs everywhere. Also, customs was only asking ME to buy the health insurance since I have a US passport, not Fiona. You see, Fiona's UK health insurance is valid in other EU countries as well.

So, I keep telling Macedonia's customs agents that, Yes! they are part of the EU and that I am as healthy as one can be repeatedly. By now, they must believe me, or perhaps, I have annoyed them enough, Lol!!! because customs stamped our passports and on our way we go! ;')! I get back in the car, showed Fiona the 50 EU bill I had in my titty, and we both laughed. I warned her we may have to pay for it when we exit Macedonia. I still honestly think Macedonia is part of the EU, and by now, Fiona is not really sure, either.

When we go through our first toll and the amount is in Denar, not Euros! we both laughed again. Now! for sure we might have problems exiting Macedonia.

At the exit border, we are asked for the stupid insurance and when we don't give them the paperwork, customs take our passports and asked us to park the car and wait. After 5 minutes or so, no one comes to talk to us and we are worried we might be slapped with a hefty fine. Fiona looks worried and thinks we might get arrested. Lol! I suggested we both get out of the car and go talk to them, because the longer they are gone, the more trouble we could get into. So, with my 'I just lost my puppy look' I approached them and I asked what the hold up was. I know we can not get into trouble about not having proper insurance since we are leaving Macedonia, but do worry a little about a hefty fine. Nonetheless, the customs agents are really nice to us and just tell us that if we want to re-enter Macedonia we must buy the insurance and scolded Fiona about expired dates on some of Pedro's paperwork then customs handed us back our passports. We happily hightailed it out of Macedonia!

The deal with all the EU sign on the roadways? After closer inspection, it read, that the roads in Macedonia were paid for by EU money. So, not only does Fiona have to pay to have the road constructed, she must also pay to drive on them, What a hoot!

We are going to Greece. EU!!! for sure, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece

92850- Priština > Skopje
92879- Macedonia Border!
92909- Toll (30 Denar!)
92915- Toll (60 Denar)
92919- 29 L (1752.70 Denar)
92981- Greece, Hellas!
93013- 21 L (24 EU!!!)
93138- Xanthi!
Zzzz's: Cute hotel for haggled price of 30 Eu, and even cuter Greek guys at internet cafe, Yum!

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