Monday, July 13, 2009

Oz Rally: Pedro goes Vroom-Vroom! on the Autobahn!

You deposit an Euro to use a cart. It's refunded when the buggy is returned. No more car park dings! America, you listening to this awesome idea?! Mundane day. Buying cheese, Belgium bread, mint tea, and veggies.

We eat our lunch in the car.

Le fromage de chèvre de herbed, très délicieux !

Leaving Chimay! Luxombourg, We are ready!

Not sure if you can tell by photo, but this bridge was sky high!

After driving for more than 7 hours through 4 countries, we have a good night's rest in a nice hotel.

Day 3: Belgium, Luxombourg, France, Deutchland

Today will be a driving to make-up for our ever extended stay in Chimay.

91477- Woke up in my tent next to the porta-potties. I did set up my tent in the middle of the night! Said our bi-bis to the Crazy Canuck Racing Team and set out for Luxombourg.
91526- 1st Rain! while driving on the motorway Pedro leaked right on top of me. Had to use my Starbucks mug to catch the rain water. Yes, it was funny, but I was not happy! Loads of H2O!
91545- 17.41L (21.87 EU)
91554- France, Again! Countryside, absolutely stunning scenery.
91570- Luxombourg
91612- France, Again! (Longwy entry)
91653- 18L (30.85 EU)
91716- Deutchland! Autobahn! No speed limit but Pedro can not go faster than 50 miles. We think! ;') Of course, the speed gauge does Not work, LOL!!! to me it feels like 35 MPH >Need the Beemer out here, for sure!
91779- 27L (36.24 EU)
Zzzz's: Really nice Hotel (90 EU) near Legoland, just outside of Munchen. Took 3 hours in the bath to slough off all the dirt from the Bug-In. Squeaky clean! -btw, just because I am wearing the same dress does not mean, I am dirty or have not had a shower that day. It just means I am lazy and can not be bother with my main bag. Fab-Fatty still weighs 35 kilos and is positioned in a very tight spot in the backseat. Everything that needs to be clean, is!

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