Monday, July 13, 2009

Oz Rally: Another day of endless, Vroom-Vroom!

Today, was another driving day. Fiona and I already visited Austria and Germany and decide to enjoy the view from the car stopping only when we feel like it. Austrian Alps!
Pedro LOVES his Petrol. We stop about 2-3 times a day!

Fancy loo inside the Shell!

You even get a souvenir! Ths is very standard in EU, gotta pay to Yipee!

Pedro is behaving himself today and will get us through another 4 countries.
Group Photo'oh! Pedro, Fiona, and I, Road Warriors!

Look at this view, it is very special. We even saw snow!

Gosh, the dreaded tunnels, they are Everywhere in this region bc of the Alps.

We don't like the tunnels bc they are expensive, this one was 10.50 EU/15 USD!

Car Sleep-in!

Wake-up to admirers. Everyone LOVES Pedro~

Pedro is a SuperStar Road Champ! People are always slowing down to take a look, hanged out the window to take photos or video taped, they wave, honk, cheer, kids love him. It is awesome! Every time we go somewhere and return, there is always a crowd around him.

Day 4 Deutchland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

91779- After a really nice breakfast we head towards Munchen
91865- Munchen >Salsburg, Austria
91880- 23L (31.32 EU)
91999- Austria! >Salsburg driving scenery, Perfection! Austrian Alps, Sooo pretty!
92035- 28L (35.43 EU)
92055- Tunnel (10.50 EU)
92110- Tunnel (6.50 EU)
92116- Slovenia! Yep, Austria, charges a small fortune on tunnel fees before letting you on to Slovenia. Slovenia has the Best bread!
92155- 23L (26.40)
?????- Croatia!!! 17L (149 Kunas) Sorry, about the mileage, I was taking a nap, ;') Just woke up at the Petrol station
92361- 23L (171 Kunas)
92433- 16L (125 Kunas)
92451- Time to call it a day and we decide it was too late to get a hotel, therefore, we decide to sleep in the car. Pedro was actually quite comfy~
Zzzz'z: Car Sleep-in! We went to one car-camp and this weird guy was staring at us and even proceeded to get out of his car and stare at us. We left and parked at another car-camp. Went to bed at 0330. Car camping is common in these parts. It is like what America has for truck drivers. So, while we are not 100% safe, we are also not alone. There are many cars, mainly, travelling families parked around us car camping as well.

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