Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dubai, UAE, Another country, More Fun!!!

Cooking, of course! Shweta is a Foodie, too! Toasting to new friends!

Acting Silly:
Kareoke! Re-enacting, Madonna's Like a Virgin, a little too much liquid courage, doncha think? ;'
Marhaba, to all! Yes, I'm still doing the rally! Actually, I am on my way to meet Fiona & Pedro in Lahore, but, since it was an Emirates flight, I decided a little layover in Dubai was a must. Original plans included a desert safari, belly dancing, camel riding, sandboarding, sleeping under the stars, but can you say, HOT & STICKY! Yep! It is like a sauna in Dubai at the moment. Every day, 50 C! So, I am thinking when I finish the Oz Rally in mid-October, I am going to make my way back to Houston in this direction. Gotta have my camel fix! Yalla!
Zzzz's: Csing with the lovely Shweta

Dubai: Another country, but nothing has changed! Still geting my 'Indian' fix!