Monday, July 20, 2009



Turkish slippers

Aya Sofya Mosque

Crowd at Blue Mosque

View of Istanbul from Ulus

Blue Mosque at night

Heating up!

Lighting up!

I looked stoned but I am not, just super relaxed from my earlier Turkish Bath

Lamb & Cheese on an open-faced bread, Yum!

Aya Sofya Mosque

Happy sharing!

Good food, good people!

The best breakfast, Ever!

This traditional Greek restaurant is about 150 years old.

The Turkish, Mr. Big.

Reminds me of an upscale French Quarter

Eating out in Taksism, Lezzetli!

Turkish mezzes, Yum!

Turkish baby!

Hamam (wt Isabel & Rebecca)

Seni seviyorum, Türkiye!

On our way to the hammam (wt Sahmet)

Walking around IST is so beautiful!

Gotta have our Kebaps!

Morning after, breakfast wt a side of hang over

Late night nibbles after Taksism. We are so drunk!

Turkish Tea, Yum!


Tequila shots in the flat & another crazy night in Taksism

The Blue Mosque, not only is it stunning, it is the only mosque in the world that has 6 minarets.

Aryan loves her water cup

Bosphorus cruise (wt Marta)

Tequila shots before a crazy night in Taksism

Mid-day hydration & relaxation

Enjoying lunch & shisha (wt Deniz)

'California convertible' headscarf

Laura & I get our 'Turkish coffee grounds' read. Deniz told me to watch out for my kidney, my urinary tract, that a woman I may or may not know is always watching over me and is a fierce protector, and that I would find a new boyfriend. Funny, huh?! She told Laura she will have twins & they run in her family. Hah!!!

Topkapi Palace (more photos to come!)

Night out in Taksism

Pedro arrives at Onur's flat, Istanbul!

Chilling & acting Silly in Sultanahmet

Famous Sights in Old Istanbul, Sultanahmet. A UNESCO designated World Heritage site.

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