Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oz Rally: Oz or Bust!

Zi-Zi Coin Coin & Chimay Forever!!!!
European Bug-In, Chimay, Belgium
Love these windows! Want a Camper!

Inside a camper w/t a fully equipped kitchen & big bed. Love it!

'Ginger Bob does not what he is doing?' Heee-Heee

Carry On!

Low profile Buggies?

Love the Rims!!!

A well deserved award Ribbon! this car is sweet!!!!!

I want a CaMpEr!!! They bring out the vagabond in me...

Love this color and car!

A Porsche replica, too cute!

This car is sooo cute, Love convertibles!

Love this! Someone said these are used for camping in Africa bc of the cats. I hope the ladder is removable!

These pop-ups are nice & roomy, but they look kinda dorky

DJ Buggy

'California Import?' Funny!!! Actually, Pedro was shipped to the UK from Cali

Guess what the buggy is pulling?


Pedro gets some work done & Fi catches it all on film

Cool Cut-out

Racing Buggy!

I think Buggies are adorable, but I need comfort! -Taken after Hurricane Ike. We were so fortunate that the only damage we had was that one tree that fell behind the cars, though, we didn't have electricity for 3 weeks! Sucked! I had to move out for a bit, the generator was not cutting it... Love my car, but Houston is too hot for a convertible....Want a hard top one...
and a 50's Chevy! Fell in love with classic Chevys in Cuba. -Trinidad
Goofy times with Sara 'Beaver'
Beaver, who worked on Pedro, All Day, demonstrates the 'mallet whack'

Chimay, loads of beer going around that day

We love this camper, it is so cute!

Belgium Bug-In, be there or get squashed!

Emma plays with her ribbons

Tia pogos (I tried, it's harder than it looks)

Something tells me I am never going to forget, Chimay!

Shane and Ginger Bob 'take' a souvenir back to England

pancakes, spring onions, and brown sauce gotta mean...

Pékin canard! My fave meal, tho, I've never order Chinese in French...until, Now!

The food here was, très délicieux!

gotta love the European outdoor watering holes!

I was completely dry that night, but honestly, Zi-Zi Coin Coin 4-Ever!!

d' group could not stop at Zi-Zi Coin Coin, either, Gin Fizz!

and Purple Pisang Ambon!

Happy Birthday, Shane,thanks for Everything!

Day 2: Belgium

Campsite: I woke up about 0630 and people are already out fishing and enjoying a hot drink around the lake. The others are still asleep, therefore, I gathered my things and hit the showers. I am not a super fan of Camping, but my cute little Tesco tent that only cost 5 GBP and my fancy REI bedding keep me in comfort. Honestly, I think I just can not be bother dealing the tent itself. Give me a bed, wireless connection, and room service, Anyday!

While packing the car, Fiona and I had a massive fight. When I arrived in LON four days earlier, Pedro was not ready. He was missing door locks, safety belts, the seats did not adjust (to this day, I still can not see out the front window without sitting on my legs), brakes did not work, missing the fuel AND speed gauge, and who knows what else. After the starter motor went out and the carburator stopped working on DAY 1! I had enough. I was not giving up on Fiona or the Rally and was willing to be supportive in any way possible. What was really bothering me was her nonchalant attitude about the whole thing. She just kept saying, "It is a rally, cars are supposed to break-down." Ok, I am not naive, this is my 4th year travelling and Yes, things are going to happen! But if she thought I was gonna be banging starter motors, fueling up with emergency-only Jerry Cans, and push starting Pedro all the way to AU then she did need me to talk to her straight.

Fiona has been planning this Rally for 2 years and has worked very hard. Driving 22,000 miles, from London to Sydney takes loads of prep work, and she did this all by herself. I just joined her a few months ago and started getting ready May 1st after I came back from South America. As a matter of fact, there were 3 more cars (6 pax) in this Rally and after they could not get their Visa to Iran had to go another route, therefore, Fiona and I will drive to Oz all by ourselves.

I'm guessing that since Fiona has done all the prep work and Pedro is hers she likes to control every aspect of this trip. Well, with this controlling behavior and my stubborn personality, hey, I'm a Taurus, LOL!, we were gonna have it out sooner or later. Better on Day 1 and just get everything out of the way! We now laugh about it and try harder to keep sane on the road. OZ or Bust! -and between the two of us, there is already enough bust! ;')

As for Pedro, he is adored by all. He gets massive attention everywhere we go and has his picture taken about 50 times a days. Crossing borders is always fun. Customs love him! He is behaving himself these days. He is also learning to cope on the road and doing an outstanding job. If he is going to get the super star treatment, then he better drive like a Champ!

91470- Chimay! Heading to the Bug-In with the Parisians!
91475- 4L (8.67 EU) only a little and headed to another station. The price at this one was more than Gold. Also, bought a fuel cap.
91476- 18 L (58.23 EU) + TWO Jerry Cans (Total 78.26 EU)
91477- Volkswagon Bug-In show in Chimay, Belgium! (25 EU entry)
------ Bi-Bi to the Parisians and set out to find a mechanic
91478- Met the Crazy Canuck Racing Team (CCR).
------ CCR is a VW car club and even have a few powerful drag racing cars. All English, except Shane, who is a Canadian expat. Many, many, Many, Thanks, to Shane, Sara, the other CCR guys who helped fix Pedro. Even Ginger Bob, LOL!!! They not only spent about 7 hours working on Pedro, but were also full of energetic support for the Oz Rally and the charities. It was Shane's birthday and after a fancy Chinese dinner destroyed by Ginger Bob's table manners (still luv u!) it was time for drinks at a beautiful outdoor cafe. ZI-ZI COIN-COIN-FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
Zzzz's: Camping at Bug-In

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