Monday, July 13, 2009

Oz Rally: Time to smell the Roses!

My Bee Sting, Ouch~ We are here! After 30 minutes of circling around to find parking during the busy tourist season, (there were 3 big cruise ships docked) the Old walled floating City in Dubrovnik looks beautiful. It was hot and crowded, though. We walked around inside and then sit seaside and admire the scenery and just chat. Walking back to the car park we witnessed Pedro Pandemonium. People are always surprised to find 2 girls, and English and an American getting into the car and always have many questions for us. Love how the little girl is doing her Sexy supermodel pose, LOL!

Day 5: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro

Up to this point we have not really stop at any major EU cities such as Munchen, Vienna, or Brussels, because we have already been there. Dubrovnik is an exception, Fiona has never been. I make her stop and 'smell the roses.' Heidi, I miss you~

92451- Fiona manages to wake up to a busload full of tourists taking photos of Pedro and flashing in her face. I happily managed to sleep for about 2 more hours, ;') She is a light sleeper.
92452- Only on the road for about a minute or so and getting ready for my nap, when all of the sudden a sharp burning pain woke me up. A freaking bee came in through the car window and stung me, then about 10 minutes later another bee tried to do the same, but I managed to save myself. Bee stings hurt!
92481- EXPENSIVE TOLL 26 EU Ouch!!! even more painful than the bee sting
92527- Brief diversion into Bosnia & Herzegovina
92530- 20L (140 Kunas) No sign posted anywhere, but because Petrol was paid in Kunas, we were back in Croatia, nonetheless, Dubrovnik, Baby! The Old Town is a must. We stopped for about 2 hours. Dubrovnik Rocks!
92585- Montenegro! compulsory insurance at the border (15 EU)
92604- 19L (18.48 EU)
92610- 1st Police stop...where they asked for our 'Duh'que'ments'
92647- Toll -Freaking out a bit, bc, some are really expensive, but it was only 2.50 EU
92662- 12L (11.69 EU)
Zzzz's: Very nice hotel in Pogdorica. Haggled price of 40 EU, good food, and fast internet)

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