Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oz Rally: One of the BEST cities in the World: Istanbul

93138- Xanthi > Istanbul
93140- First Car Wash, we washed the mud off Pedro, Fiona swears he is driving better now and a 'squeak' in the system has vanished
93219- TURKEY!!! We shopped at Duty Free to buy Tequila & chocolate and Pedro creates a massive Q&A session. He is sooooo cute!
??????- 25 L (70 TL)
?????- Not sure the mileage because we arrived in Istanbul during rush hour traffic and after some friendly help 'navigating' through the motorway we meet up with Onur who shows us the way to his flat. Being here ever since, and I might never leave! ;')
Zzzz's: CS'ing with Onur & Yener and all the Istanbul's stragglers that make it this way, Fun!!!!

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