Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oz Rally: Pedro only likes Petrol not H2O!

Ok, this is creepy! Why would you buy a kitchen hair net with hair?!

They must have the sexiest chefs in Priština

I love how they name the 'hotels' motels, I think it is because, motel, is an American thing. Lol! We did get a peek at the banquet room and it looked like something out of the Wedding Singer, pink, red, and white satin, everywhere!
92790- leave MAT house >Priština
92797- go to the Super with Zippy to buy the De-miners beer. Our treat! Artur and the MAT team treated Fiona and I like Princesses, Thanks!
92798- Gotta feed Pedro!!!! 17 L (15.69 EU)
92834- First time, Tow Rope! Breakdown!!!! Again! Pedro does not like water. Fortunately, for us Dr. Zeka, from Poland, stops and gives us a tow to the nearest carriage
92836- Pedro is Moving but Not on his own.
-------While we were at the carriage, we see Artur crossing the streets towards us. He was with his family shopping in Priština and saw us. We were very excited to see him. Fiona and I meet his family and I hang out with them until Pedro is ready to go. His wife, Nicky, almost one year old baby son, Joni, is adorable and so is his 6 year old daughter, Lisa, who loves to sing children's songs in English. Pedro had a part replaced, but I am not sure what it was. We coud not get the Albanian/English translation.
92837- LOL! I am not too sure why the mileage is like this, but we are already in Priština! Ok, so I am really excited because we are on our way to see Bill Clinton! Yep, Clinton is a God in Kosovo and after seeing his banner on the internet, I just had to see it with my own eyes. Sweet!
92840- Clinton! We had no idea where he was going to be, but it was not hard to find him. They name the main boulevard after him. ;')! We are a little distracted by a strange kitchen supplies shoppe, see photo, but hurry to take a photo of Willie because it starts to rain, again!
92844- Petrol stalled, Again! in the middle of the access road while exiting the Petrol station
92850- We were going to keep driving and make an effort to get as close to the Macedonian border as possible but the road conditions were bad. We see a hotel. By the exterior look we were like, Well, we have no other choice as driving in dimly lighted roads at night was not an option, but once inside it was nice! We were actually a little embarrased since our clothes were muddy and wet from dealing with Pedro. All is good! and everyone is nice to us. We order dinner and people start to ask us about Pedro and we go outside and they all want a photo. Some even sent drinks to the table which was really sweet. Fiona and I were already enjoying our favorite Montenegro red, so, Yeah!
Zzzz's: Motel Lea, 20 EU

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