Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tibet! From Zhangmu to Lhasa

Zzz's: Zhangmu- Gorgeous views from our hotel room (RMB 150)

Tibetan prayer flags

First Tibetan dinner

Tibetan Village

Here come the Yaks!

Morning chores, walking the yaks

Tibet is one of the highest regions in the world!

Love it out here!

Love the colors on the traditional houses

Love this village! These horses are the taxis!

Pedro, the Superstar!

Our racist guide won't let us eat inside the restaurant, (he claimed it was dirty and that Tibetans smelled), so we must eat packaged noodles...Came all the way to Tibet to eat .50 ramen noodles?! "Does he not know that I am the Chitless Foodie and gastro is the last thing on my mind when I'm enjoying a delicious local meal in a very humble setting?" Also, the Mt. Everest look out point was only 5 minutes up the hill, we could of taken our lunch up there. The worst guide ever!

I was not only mad (and still biting my tongue, because it was our very first lunch stop with Joe) but also uncomfortable because everyone was staring and of course, the Mom's started to send their children to ask us for money. Our guide thought it was funny and took a photo when I asked him not, too. But again, I'm posting now because it proves what an insensitive racist bastard he was.

Chinese Red Bull, cute can!

While we explored the village and posed for photos, Joe, was not very happy. He did not think it was proper to mingle with Tibetans....Gosh, he was crazy!

As Pedro drew a crowd, which by now we are used too, Joe kept warning us, "Beware, 'these people' are going to steal your car, they are not good people." Seriously, where are they going to take the car? We are in the car! Idiot!!!!

When I told him that the Chinese have a reputation for not stealing, he said, "Yes, but 'these people' are very different from us." Not the kind you are used to in Beijing....I'm trying very hard to like this guy as we have 16 more days with him, but Wow, does he like to make a good first impression?!

Mt Everest look out point...We are waiting for the clouds to clear

still waiting....

Finally!!!! You see it? Right on top, beautiful Mt. Everest!

Yak meat with green peppers

Tibetan soup, Thukpa with Momos (dumplings)

Fiona gets a housecall from a cute Chinese doctor, she is suffering from altitude sickness after visiting Mt Everest base camp

Zzzs: Lhatse Shang Hai Grand Hotel. A whopping RMB 260 It actually is pretty posh inside, and was the nicest hotel in town...

daily chores...fueling up on the road (and it is soooo cold!)

Fiona loves her oxygen...she used like 6 of these things...She was not doing too well at this altitude.

mobbed by the school kids


We say bye to the mechanics

Yep! No English anywhere! This is what a typical menu looks like...

Pedro creates a scene at the police station in Shigatse

enroute to Lhasa....Ah it is sooo nice

therefore, we stop and take photos

Pedro's Chinese plates

After a 5 hours drive, we make it to Lhasa! Having dinner at the Namtso Hotel

Making Joe work for his paycheck!

Love this village! Between Zhangmu & Lhatse

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