Friday, September 4, 2009

India-First 36: First Drive into India,Traffic Jam, Car Sleep-In, Taj and Camels!!!

Ok, Watching this I think it is hilarious! I can not believe I was practicing driving Pedro for the first time ever in front of Custom Officials! I mean this is the kind of thing that could get you in Big trouble at any other border, especially the filming! You know that is why I love India and Pakistan, it is so chilled here. The Customs officials actually thought it was cool and were very supportive. They had so much faith in me, that they just stood right in my way and I never saw one Cop run inside the building crying for his Momma!

Also, what you don't see here is, that Pedro's seat are not adjustable! I am sitting on a big cushion and my back is a good 6-7 inches forward and why I look uptight. I'm only 5 ft (and a quarter)! As you can see my feet are barely touching the pedals and I must come to the edge of the seat when I must press the clutch and brake all the way forward.

Some of y'all must think I don't know how to drive. I can!!!! I am a driver for decades, but almost never a Standard car or one as old as Pedro, though, I think it is pretty cool I will be able to. Standard cars or as the British say, Gearbox cars, are very rare in the USA. Our cars are automatic, fully loaded, and wayyyyy comfy, heated leather seats, talking GPS systems, and a computer even tells you when it is time for an oil change. You don't have to worry about a thing! The price includes Full Maintanance Service for 4 years. Love it!!! And, Yes, Silly Hunny, I have a Drivers License!

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