Thursday, September 3, 2009

Driving in Pakistan! Lahore to Wahga (India) Border


I said my Good Byes to Rabs, who had been a very gracious host in Lahore and I know that it was just temporary because I will see her again, and hopped back in the buggy! Wild Child caught! All my peace about riding in a car ended! It was back to Pedro, the Superstar! All the stares and hooting and cheering, and then, there they were, The Cows! and more livestock wondering the streets and not taking any notice of Pedro.

First, some friendly locals guided us towards the border as the area was very rural and no signs posted anywhere.Then Pedro decided to have his 'usual' temper tantrum and just died! Right, there! blocking the way on a narrow dirt street and no one could pass which caused a scene. After we got going a bit, then cows just started pouring from every direction. One of our 'guides' even had to hopped off his bike and physically move the cows out of our way.

And, where there are cows, there must be poo! Yep!!!!! Pedro got stuck in cow poo and helpful villagers towed us out. Some even splattered inside the car when the wheels spinned out of control. Gross!!!! Yes, I was yelling!!!!!

Sadly, or happily, we missed the border by no more than 10 minutes, so, Yep!!! "It was not my last night in Pakistan!" Fiona and I grabbed a room at the border motel and watched the Pakistan-India border closing ceremony which was wayyyy wicked! Loved it!!!!! (watch the video on the ceremony posting) It was like a giant Go Pakistan Pep Rally. We walked 2 minutes to the ceremony and no one saw Pedro. Afterwards, locals kept coming up to us and would shake our hands and tell us, Thank You, and then asked to take a photo with us. We spent over an hour posing for photos with the locals. I did not mind, I got to hold many babies and cuddled with some cute kids. It was sooo sweet. Thank Allah for cow poo!!!

Tourists are very rare in Lahore due to all the 'hyped' press from news networks. Everyone would always asked me (in a real serious mode), "What are you doing in Pakistan?" which at first it was a bit shocking, because normally, I am asked, How are you liking ___? or What do you think of ___? I would just have fun and respond, "I'm looking for Osama, the guy is worth 25 Mils in reward $$$." Then laugh!!! We all laughed!!! Then they asked if I was serious. I laughed! They laughed, again, Lahoris Rock!!!!

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