Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tibet: 10 Days in Lhasa

Barkhor Square (Jokhang Temple in the background) Gilded cows. Love it!

Praying Tibetans @ Jokhang Temple

Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Tuk-Tuk in from of Potala Palace

tuk tuk joy riding!

love this name!

this nirou was sooo good & spicy

Working-hard, Working-hard!

one of my fave dishes, spicy aubergine (I know! never photographs 'pretty')

Spicy prawns: Yummy, but they are never shelled!

Ok, I ordered nirou (beef) but rec'd cow's intestines, Yuck! Chinese Chefs rock! Have you ever seen a more mei li (beautiful) plate of cow's lining?

Fiona relaxes before her massage

I practiced my Mandarin with the 'therapists'

First of all, we were staying at a 3-4 Star hotel and we decided to go to the Hotel's spa. Well, well! When we walked in we saw a huge framed photo of a virginal looking Chinese girl in lingerie and many 'therapists' waiting. Some were young guys. "Yes, we immediately, got that feeling." But it was our very own hotel's spa. When we were taken to the back there was a girl in lingerie giving a man a foot massage. We laughed and said, let's go for it! I was curious and I wanted a tour! Hey, it was either this or cheesy Chinese tele back in the room. Fiona got a foot massage by the same girl dressed in skimpy light blue lingerie and plastic heels and I befriended a male 'therapist.'

I wanted to know if he was there for male or female clientiele. I could not imagined a local Chinese lady visiting this place! So, when I asked what he did at the spa, he pointed at the word 'pleasure' in my book. I laughed....asking men or women and he kept pointing at me.

We went to the back for the grand tour! The Chinese don't mess around! Kinky!!! This room has this outrageous bed...which I want one!....and an old fashioned wooden sauna, wooden tub, and western toilet. We decided to have some fun and took some photos. Love this bed!!!! It even vibrated.

Later when I was leaving and walking the hall...we saw 2 girls smoking in bed with a Chinese guy, another room like this but it was tore to hell....sheets and towels all over the floor, and the 'therapists' dorm' The girl that gave Fiona her massage was sitting on a top bunk bed reading a fashion magazine.

Another reason to love the Chinese! Fiona called it a 'knocking shoppe'

One of our favorite appetizers, cool cucumbers

spicy tudou (potatos)

Flaming spicy beef

'rea' Chinese tea

After the knocking shoppe, we decided to try another massage parlour

This time the famous Chinese blind massage!

Yes, this guy was blind and gave me an authentic Chinese massage

Every time I get 'punched' during a massage it makes me giggle

Love my head massaged....Feels sooo good!

Doing spinal stretches

He was adorable and his English was 'excellent'


WE love this Girl! I forgot her name, but she was adorable! She spoke no English, and everyday would yelled at us, Money! meaning...can you pay for the room? So, we nicknamed her, Money

Tibetan prayer wheel

Locals give it a try

I do the entire series....It takes about 10 minutes

View of Potala

Nirou noodle soup, Yum!


Ice was Hagaan Daas (Big Deal!) and it cost like 7 USD for this tiny scoop....I guess the cherry tomato bunnies were worth the extra 6 bucks!

Trying on sunnies...Love buying sunglasses...just wished the lenses were darker....bought a jade bracelet instead

Zzz's: Namtso Hotel and Spa, Lhasa

Tibetans praying at the Jokhang Temple

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