Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last supper in Tibet, One night eating in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Kushing, and Borneo's Orang Utans!!!

Omg! All we have been doing since our last night in Lhasa is Eating! Seriously, if eating was an Olympic sport, I would have a million gold medals! Phelps, cry me chlorine tears! Today, we decided to put down the chopsticks, and headed over to the hot and sticky jungle (it is so hard to leave the A/C in this weather) to visit Borneo's own pride and joy, the adorable and sooooo loveable, Orang Utans! Sooo, cute, esp. the new 3 month-old Babeh!

We almost missed them, but they decided to earn their coconuts after all! The Orang Utans live in the wild, but because there is not enough food in the jungle for the them (due to logging) the research center supplements their diet with fruits twice a day. This is when we can come by and catch a glismpse. We were taken to the 'feeding platform' and waited for over 20 minutes. The park guide had a huge fruit basket and kept calling to no avail. Well, they never came, but on the way out we saw 5 of them (about 24 live around this part of the jungle) which included a playful young male, a new mother and her 3 month old Babeh, a lady enjoying (and throwing) her bananas, and a skillful male who showed us how to crack open a coconut and slurp down like a Champ!

About the Cats! Kuching means Cat in Malay....they are everywhere in Sarawak's lovely capital.

Zzz's: Kuala Lumpur, Attapsana Guesthouse 10 USD each

Fancy Ji dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lhasa

Kiss the Ji

Our last dinner in Lhasa, gonna miss it

One night in Beijing enjoying an outdoor B-B-Q

Fiona ate fish-on-a-stick

Nirou B-B-Q skewer. I ate like 10 of these!

Bear's black Chinese twin!

! Fried soft shell crab

Lamb Curry

Zzz's: Kutching. CSing with the very helpful, Ping Pong Chong

Roasted Duck

Malaysia's signature soup, Laksa, Sarawak Style (with prawns, egg, and chicken)

Kuching means Cat in Malay

Kuching Cats! (and Universal Brand, Mcdonald's)

Malay Satays

First meal in Kuala Lumpur!
Malay fried Chicken

Indian Banana Roti

Malaysian Fresh Coconut water

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Nasi, of course, everything comes with rice!

Fresh Mango Juice

Thai Green Mango Salad and Fried Fish

Malay Lady Chef!

Malay Cookery

Pretty teacup fountain outside a shopping center

KL's Famous Petronas Towers

Arabian Mezzes

Fried Grouper

Eating out with our lovely host, Barry (Kuching)

Lamb Biryani

Kushing's own delight, Midin, Jungle RiverFern

Prawns in sweet chili sauce

Out for a beer, or 2 at Terminal One

The Feeding Platform

Semmengoh Research Center, Sarawak

Love this!

So cute!

Japanese soup in a tea pot



Sashimi (Yum!)

Prawn Ramen Soup (double-Yum!)

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