Friday, September 25, 2009

Miri and the most adorable Chinese family....

I left Sibu at midnight for an overnight bus to Miri. Wow, this bus was the Rolls Royce of all buses! I had the first seat, naturally, more leg room, but the seats were extra cushiony and soooo comfy! There was hardly anyone on board. Most people drive. So, if you are travelling by bus in Borneo use AsiaBus.
Miri is an oil-rich boom town and Malaysia's first oil well was drilled here in 1910. Petroleum has continued to drive the city's economy and development ever since. The Sarawak Shell Berhad and Petronas Carigali are headquartered here. As a result, Miri has a cosmopolitan atmosphere as it hosts many expatriates from all over the world. These expats work in many of the multinational oil and gas giants that are headquartered in Miri. It is a gateway to the national parks, world class diving, and Brunei.
Shungie met me at the bus station and we headed over to a food stall for a hot bowl of laksa and catching up. Shungie is absolutely adorable, he just returned from Russia where he studied to be a doctor. He is back in his hometown of Miri about to start his intership, or as he likes to call it, a government slave, since his salary will only be 800 USD a month for 2 years. Hang in there!
For the next few days he showed the wonderful sites in Sibu. All I can count on one hand! Sorry about Canada Hill, Lol!!! He also clued me in on Chinese-Malaysians ways and most of the stuff we discussed was hilarious, though I can't repeat! Then it seems like I am saying it!
During my stay at his lovely home I was treated like a princess. His family is adorable, his Mom and Grandpa which did not speak English but made every effort to communicate with me, and his 16 yr old sister who spoke English and always doing homework was wayyy cute. His Dad works in Brunei since the 70's (because it is a tax free country) and is not home every night, though I did have a chance to meet him and he graciously offered to give me a ride to Brunei. BSB is only 2 hours away. He was really nice. My time spent in Miri was lovely much in part to Shungie's gold star hospitality, the Wifi at the Coffee Bean, and of course, the mall! Love Watsons! and, Yes, Air con!
Self portrait

Malaysia flag. Thanks for Everything, lil bro!

I feel silly!!! Shungie made me do it. He said everyone takes this photo! This is Miri's first oil well and the technique that was used to pump the liquid black gold back in the day

Miri's first oil tower

Old Lady's Rock!

Shungie and his lil Sis catch crabs on the beach

Shungie's adorable lil sis. She is half my age and taller than me!

Shungie and I LOVE Sarawak Laksa. Ahh, it is so difficult to have a good hair day in Borneo. 50 degrees and 300% humidity!

Zzz's: Shungie's cozy palace, the coolest kid in town and his family was just too adorable...Mom, Dad, even Grandpa...who was 89 but looked at least 20 years younger. I wish I would of taken their photo

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