Friday, September 4, 2009

Leaving Varanasi-Ballea

A typical day in India
Gorgeous saris & women


Locals acting outrageous (must see video)

Cute kids

Heavy Loads (that NEVER get out of the way!)

Curious Stares

Traffic! (that just stops & stares)



Road diversions that slow you down

Loud Beeping Horns! (and it's actually encouraged)

Overloaded public transport

Colorful Lorries & friendly drivers!

Carefree cows!!! (that just take over the roadways bc no one is going to bother/hit them.) They are GOD in India.

and cow poo! (that just flies into the car)


Gorgeous Food- Biryani (My Fave!)



Aloo Parathas, Yoghurt, and pickled condiments

Tasty Sauces! (I ate all the chillies)

Natural Breath Freshener (Fennel seeds & Sugar)

'Watch' Guard Service ;')

It is always a party when we leave (or come to) town (Hotel Ashoka)

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